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Local Matters Program Rack Cards

By day, I play the role of designer and marketing manager for a nonprofit that works with local food and food security. And with kids (so many kids). By far the best thing about designing for gardens and food is the verdant array of photos that you get to work with: so many macro shots of vegetables and dirt, so many overwhelmingly adorable kids.

Rack Cards

Rack Cards

These rack cards represent the four core programs at Local Matters (focusing on kids education, community food security and food access, farming/gardening, and cooking skills, respectively). Along with the organization’s general brochure, the rack cards function as an introductory piece to each of our strategic focus areas.

I took a risk in choosing rack cards over pamphlets or brochures. Rack cards are not exactly known for their design excellence— they’re a material for real estate companies, day spas, and tourist promotions. The key with this project was assembling the cards as a set—together, they signal that they’re a more informative resource while remaining an easily-distributed introduction to Local Matters programs.