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 “We are the first generation bombarded with so many stories from so many authorities, none of which are our own. The parable of the postmodern mind is the person surrounded by a media center: three television screens in front of them giving three sets of stories; fax machines bringing in other stories; newspapers providing still more stories.

In a sense, we are saturated with stories; we’re saturated with points of view. But the effect of being bombarded with all of these points of view is that we don’t have a point of view and we don’t have a story. We lose the continuity of our experiences; we become people who are written on from the outside.

—Sam Keen

There are Survival Skills, and there are Thriver Skills—skills that help you negotiate a post/modern existence without becoming paralyzed, willfully ignorant, or manic. I would argue that one of the most important of these skills is the ability to be a conscious cultural consumer: to pick and choose the stories (whether informative or entertainment) thrown at you by Twitter, Tumblr, newspapers, blogs, etc.

As in Ye Olde Orchard, I often think of this as being able to pick the good fruits from the trees. The sweetest and most nutritious.

They’re Like Peaches and Pears, Right?

“Design can become a force for emancipation rather than manipulation” —I wish I had been able to attend the Occupy Design UK launch.

An image to satisfy Type A personalities and labeling fetishists. (via Rhodia Drive)

Also, I want to go to a MUJI store.

It’s rare that I come across an article through independent browsing instead of through a social sharing service. This week (while researching approaches to writing sex scenes in fiction, if you were wondering) I found this gem: “Nipples shouldn’t do that! And other musings on romantic fiction.” (via Read in a Single Sitting)

I have a longstanding passion for gift economies, so I loved reading this piece on the growth of “sharing economies” and their impact on big business. (via Grist)

Did. You. Know. That you can get high off compost? (also via Grist)


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